Starblanket – Free Preview of Chapter One

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Starblanket: A Mother’s Gift to Her Son available at Amazon and Kobo!

(Cover design by Toronto artist Joseph Sagaj, text design by George Steel)

What happens when a Mother’s biggest worry is that her son will bear the burden and blame of a society who do not know how to Respect, or Honour Indigenous women?

“Starblanket -A Mother’s Gift to Her Son” – is a collection of stories about Spiritual Awakening, Motherhood and Healing.
When family bonds are grown from traumatic events a child-of-trauma is born. Starblanket follows the journey of an Indigenous woman facing herself as a child-of-trauma and seeking identity, self-respect, and self-love. A single-mother, she struggles to raise her son alone in one of the biggest cities in the world. Her small family faces ever-encroaching societal pressures of Capitalism, Materialism, and Conformity which contradict the Indigenous values she tries to instill.

“Starblanket” honours the Indigenous child and the family as ancient teachings of love and understanding are slowly reclaimed. As the Morningstar guides us from darkness into light, Starblanket guides readers to self awareness, one story at a time.


More about Starblanket

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Amy Desjarlais was a Featured Artist at Muskrat Magazine‘s  First Annual Gchi Dewin Storytelling Festival Dec 2015
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“Starblanket – A Mother’s Gift to Her Son” mentioned on CBC’s Fresh Air,
Interview with Rebeka Tabobondung, January 2017
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