A beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day.
The sun is shining, warm spring breeze at my back.
I am definitely NOT in my apartment.
Today I write and think about my day.
Where I am, in this time and space…it is Mothers Day. A challenging day full of teachings. When you read this, Mother’s day is two days past. Flowers will be wilting in their vases and new memories fresh in your minds eye. Today is not a difficult day, I am content where I sit.
On a curb. In the sun.
I am with my son and we are on an adventure, all is right with the world….

Sun down nears…the day was bright, productive and full of new things. I sit in the beauty and grace of grandfather sun. a warm embrace for his grand daughter…so needed.

Wishing everyone a beautiful bright day. May Creators light shine on you, through you and from you for the rest of the day.
May all of your fears, doubts and worries fall from your being…and let peace reign in your heart.


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