They say that the Seven Grandfather teachings help to guide us in our lives. Wisdom, Love, Respect, Humility, Honesty, Bravery, Truth…but what do these words really mean? A lot of people believe they are abstract…thinking that conceptually, the understanding within these words will never truly be known. The fact of the matter is that these words MUST be lived…in order to be fully grasped…you must KNOW the words for yourself.

Wisdom has taught me that the right choices, the best choices are hardly the easiest to make.

Caring for a friend means you want the best for that person…even if it means you have to let them go. Caring, means you have to be brave enough to do what is best for you…no matter what. I’ve made a lot of difficult choices…things that the people involved will never fully understand. I’ve faced a lot of my own karma…leaving friendships, and confronting others where my friends leave me. These things while difficult, often painful and sometimes sad…aren’t good or bad.

Wisdom teaches us that these things are life. Life just is. WE make them good or bad. WE place judgment on happiness as softness, good feelings, warm fuzzyness…and yet, happiness is also pain. (Meditation Society of Australia) It is finding the place within oneself to open oneself to the pain that is life and find the greatest love and acceptance in that place as well…for creation, spirit, the Great Kind Mystery is there in PAIN as well. Someone once said to me that the pain of heartbreak opens the shell to new growth…as an acorn must break to grow up to be a mighty tree…

My best friend, the one person who was there through the toughest part of my journey taught me that love isn’t about the other person. It is about ourselves. It is IN us. HoW CAN it be about the other person. I’ve glimpsed this time, and time again…and understand the wisdom in it…no one can make me FEEL anything. I choose to feel. Yes.

She taught me to open my eyes and see the wisdom in choosing to reclaim my power. Other people only show us that which is in ourselves…like a mirror. Sometimes we see things that are unhealthy, unwise, and negative…those things are in us as well. Sometimes we see beauty, grace, talent…those things are also within us. These things that we see…sometimes we can choose to face them or confront them, sometimes we choose to run away and hide.

For me, wisdom isn’t about making the right decision…its about listening for my path and choosing the decision with heart…as painful as it may be. Sometimes…we don’t have the strength to do what we need to do. Creator provides what we need…with compassion and grace…and we grow.

Sometimes I wish I knew the language…so I could see the description of the teaching the way it was meant…though somehow I know I’m on the right path…when I’m not…I have good friends who help guide me back. I am grateful to have stopped grasping at straws. I have stopped looking to the other…and I have finally found some semblance of peace. I am grateful for the life I have, all that IS my life. I have only one life…and carry that gift with great respect, the best I can.

It is a GOOD LIFE.


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