Twelve minutes to midnight

Found a dreary site, claims of no fame
Nor fortune. Only lines…black and white

Tell a tale, spin a yarn they say…it’s just one day.
Find some falsehood some play.
Lie to me today…they say,
It’s all in good fun, a good show!
But what they don’t know…
Is the game played is all a lye

Lyrically laying foundations of
Betraying…why do I lie?
At some behest, am I the lying pest?

Oh to be true! What wickedness pulled through,
The magicians cape…
It’s almost midnight…and what do I see…nothing
But me…falsely sitting in my falsehood tale,
Weaving a yarn, I live in a barn?

It’s nearly midnight, the post of the day…wither I would,
Post today…in only a short while it is a new day

Oh the lye, and the lie, and my my my…
Mother told me honest people are best…oh to spin a yarn, that terrible test…is the dreary site, really dreary? No…I think it the best!

NaPoWriMo rules the land with the April fools best follower. Day two of the poetry writing…contest? NaPoWriMo is truly the best…and that is no lie 🙂


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