Life outside the box

I was talking to a friend this week…I can’t remember the context of the conversation, except that it had nothing whatsoever to do with Native culture, spirituality or language. It occurred to me how different life must be outside of the box. The box that is Indianness.
So many places, people…everywhere I turn, I hear that our lives are inherently political. EVERYTHING we say, and do. Political.
I’ve been thinking about how much of our beliefs – our spirituality are enmeshed with our identity. Anyone who spends time with us, anyone who resonates. Anyone who learns to see differently…what of them?
Are they in our Indian box.
I like playing baseball. No…I LOVE it. I can be an athlete. Who do I pray for help with baseball? My baseball ancestors? Maybe I just pray for muscular strength and agility. Maybe I concentrate on being in the moment and on my love for the game.
Baseball is so much simpler. Catch the ball, field the ball. Throw it.
No mention of spirituality.No prayers.
Rather…fewer prayers.

Sometimes it feels nice to just live life, instead of struggling. Instead of healing. I see how many different cultures and tools have been acquired…and are now considered healthy alternatives.
Yoga, Tai chi, the many different martial arts, Taoism, Zen…how many people have made money…healing.

Maybe I just like baseball cause I get to play…I get to play and for awhile, I don’t have to worry…I don’t have to think about anything but the game…I don’t have to think about the box…just for a little while…


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