Creating New Dreams

Imagine a time,
when alliances were made out of necessity.
Imagine a time when our people
truly were free.
Destinies our own, loyalties UN-divided.
Promises were made
in hope of humanity.
Slaves in writing, bound by ink and pen
freedom became a distant yen.

Grandfathers, we move forward as if in molasses
slowly, slowly…our spirits dimmed
The newcomers swarmed like ants on candy
and they never ended their relentless search
Now they want us to be like them…no.
They still want us to become “civilized” like them.
It is their mantra “be like me” but all I see is greed and mayhem.
When will it stop? This unending need to change and mould us in a likeness that is not our own.
When will they recognize our contribution. Our gift to society.
I guess when they can claim it as their own.

I dream of a distant time…
when our people will once again roam free like the buffalo once did, a great dark massive earth thunder
Moving like a storm cloud over the earth. A great rumbling thunder we can feel moving as one:
I dream of a distant time when our people are welcomed by the masses with love in their eyes instead of fear.
I dream of a time when our people can once again be strong, stand tall and proud of their light.
I dream of a time when our contributions are recognized, respected and remembered.
I dream of a time when all of Mother Earth sings in celebration as the last of the deep cutting wounds are healed and her gifts renewed.
I dream of a time when the waters run free, flowing as they need, unencumbered by splints and falsehomes
I dream of a time when our languages will once again be heard across the lands.

Before that day, our people will need to be strong
find their feet
feel worthy as they truly are.
We will need to see one another as a gift instead of a pain.
Our lives used to be so hard, but our people were strong…
after all of these years,
may we once again know that strength as you did.

Help us to let go of that which we cannot change and concentrate on that which we can…
Our dreams live into being,
Help us to dream big and kind and wonderous,
Grandfathers, so much time has passed, so much has been forgotten.
Our people have found their voices, we are speaking out and praying…for one another
I dream…


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