Thinking too much

I have been reflecting this past day, on the many different people who have passed through my life, the many different teachings left in their wake.

I spent a day in creativity. Moments passed.

What I have learned today is this idea of “thinking too much”
It is entirely possible, and at the same time nearly impossible. People need to endure the things they endure. It is in the endurance that learning happens. Teachings are lived. I finally accepted an idea I had been fighting for quite awhile. It is interesting to see how many beliefs and hang ups we have about beliefs that we truly have.

Today, the day was about creativity.
It was fun. It still is fun. I sit in this random coffee shop doing what I love, dedicated to my craft and I continue to chase the waves where ever freely they roam.

Today was about spending time doing something fun, exploring a new creative path and getting ready for another one. I was always envious of those who had time to create, who had so much time on their hands.
The beautious items nearly create themselves.
In the midst of creation the memories pour forth, though an intention that is as clear as the morning rays of Grandfather’s smiling face over the horizon…drive the completion with love and devotion.
Thinking happens as creation does, yet it does not ge in the way. Often these things do…these thoughts and attachments. Allow them a safe space to ruminate, dream, elaborate. Give them space and let them gp.
It is only a thought.
A moment.
It will not last forever, unless you cannot let go.
Find that thing, that thread that keeps it surfacing. Find the root, the attachment, the fear and face it. Let it go and feel the light lift you like a balloon filled with helium.
Lighter than air you are carried forward into your creative.
Into the moment.


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