Allow others to be themselves

What a beautiful day. I woke up today sending birthday wishes for my mother…she would have been seventy-six. My beautiful mother. I sent up special prayers for her today, a special birthday feast and celebration of her day. Sometimes I talk to her and imagine I can hear her reply.
Her message today was simple. Enjoy your life.
It’s such a wonderful place. You’ve done so much work on yourself. Go out there and live life.
I used to think I had to control everything and everyone in my life. Seclude myself and that way no wayward energies would infiltrate my space. Except, the world awaits. So many things to experience. So many people to greet, so many who need help. Others who may need at least one person to care about them. I resist and fight many situations in which I find myself but It’s time to go out into the world. I have to trust myself fully to know that I will be able to handle the things that life throws my way. To allow others to be who they are, and to know that I will be able to be myself fully.
I’m not chatty, I don’t follow the crowd. I’m not particularly fun, nor am I fun to be around.
I am an honest, loyal, and dependable friend. I’m a sensitive soul who honestly loves her people and her culture.
You know, I seem to have been waiting for my life to start…all of that energy spent waiting is better used to enjoy life. To enjoy doing what I like to do…with people who like doing the same types of things. It takes a lot of energy to constantly organize events and give it everything I’ve got but the rewards are so great.
I had a conversation today that was so beautiful and honest in content that I was sad when it came to an end.
I went to the park and sang my heart out. I was apprehensive and felt vulnerable as the park-goers strolled through their neighbourhood. Part of me expected to be asked to stop, or to be asked to move somewhere else.
None of that happened. We did enjoy singing together in the warmth of the sunshine though and when the time came, we went our separate way.
I am thankful for the day. I am thankful for the teachings and the truths that were shared today. It tells me that I am on the path. I can’t afford to wait for life to start. I need to open my heart and enjoy life. Greet others where they are and allow them to be themselves…teach respect for my space, and I will respect theirs. Honour my ancestors and theirs doing what I do. So many beautiful teachings, important and necessary. I give out so much gratitude as I embrace so much abundance.


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