Resistance is resistance

Resistance comes in many forms. Taking a stand looks different for different people. Sometimes i wonder where my rebellious nature ever came from…then I look back at my ancestry and see the great leaders that brought us to the place we are in. 

Indigenous leadership takes great strength and integrity. It takes a bravery and freedom from fear not an absence of fear but the ability to see it and forge ahead anyway.

I have experienced this once a few years ago. I am now dealing with the fallout and taking responsibility for my decisions, and at the time…I was confronted with a great and oppressive force. One that was used to inciting fear. One that was used to using their power to get what they want. 

When I displayed no fear in their presence, I heard the incredulity in the voice on the end of the other end of the line…they faltered a bit.

A small victory. 

I wonder how to tell this story, in its entirety. There are so many elements. My perspective is simple enough to me. It starts with a decision made long before I was born…yet one that affects every aspect of my being…one that the powers that be would love for me to continue to believe…

I do not. 

I think if I shared the ideas, it may give others ideas…and likely the very reason this has been kept quiet for so long…then again, maybe they are ramblings of a self-absorbed reclusive writer lol.

Often I think the revolutions of the old world were incited by Indigenous freedom fighters and free thinkers…I like to think this is true…

Sometimes a thought can be dangerous because of the influence it has on others…afterall how do you confine a thought? 

How do you quell the rousing masses once that thought enters their mind? Revolutionary thinking has happened the world over. I think a thought imbued with love and abundance has the greatest chance of changing people’s hearts…

I am putting the greatest intentions for a good outcome for everyone involved…loving abundance…let’s change the world with love…


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