Divided. Separate. Alone.
Too many people telling me
Who I am, Who I was, Who I should be.
Why don’t they listen to me
Am I Native?  Yes, In Blood.  In Heart.
But I don’t know
I think like a Non-Native
It scares me.
I don’t know what to do
I want to learn about my own culture
but it’s so hard when you’re not surrounded by it.
Don’t know how to talk my own language.
It was taken away the first time
a Non-Native stepped on Turtle Island.
That one impression of that first footprint grew,
and spread on the innocence of my people.
Have to learn to work with Non-Natives
Can’t fight, too strong
Work with, not against, Can’t fight
How long?
Have to travel on that path to find my own
(Who am I?)
Too many people lost, scared.
Too much of my culture lost
Sacred Tradition.  Not anymore.
Help us, don’t try to put us down anymore
We’re too strong now.
Fight back?  (Don’t fight!)
What do we do?
No win situation
Fight back and we get beat,
don’t fight, get beat.
Frightened.  Yes.
Gotta Stand

Circa 1993


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